Welcome to Houston AKA Space City!

Welcome to Houston and the offerings our amazing city offers from Space Center Houston and NASA to high-quality museums and more to keep you entertained for years. We have a wide range of amazing restaurants and activities to keep you dining and playing for a lifetime!

Sam Houston Statue at Herman Park
Old NASA control center for the Apollo space missions

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We have one goal here at Discover Space City, to find the best things to do in Houston, personally experience them by visiting ourselves, and share them with others looking to do the same.

On this site, you’ll find all of the experiences we’ve had in dedicated reviews, topical roundups such as our breweries or restaurants guides, in-depth neighborhood guides, exploration quests (such as our goal of finding the best pizza or tacos in Houston), Houston hotel reviews, and so much more.

As we love to explore the metro region, we strive to add 2-4 new experiences each and every week so be sure to check back regularly as we always have something new to discover.

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As we are consistenly searching and finding new places to explore and cover we hope to add value for those traveling.

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For many thinking about exploring or possibly moving into the area having clear information on neighborhoods can help you make the perfect decision!

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Perfect ways to go explore something new for a day or maybe night out!

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For many of us getting out to explore the parks and nature areas within the city and in the surrounding areas is important!

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When you head out for a evening in the city for most this will mean finding a perfect place for dinner and then drinks and relaxation!

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I grew up on football weekends, but there is a vast trove of amazing experiences within sports and other entertainment like concerts.

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For when you want to know what to do in summer versus winter, what is special in Houston on the 4th of July and similar timeframe specific events!

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If you are looking to come to Houston and stay for a short vacation or maybe contract work this topic will cover your needs!