May 23, 2023

Houston Texans Uncovered: The Complete Guide For New Fans

Get ready to deep-dive into the Houston Texans with our comprehensive guide. From history to players, we've got you covered.…

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Houston Texans! As avid followers of the NFL, we are excited to share our knowledge and passion for this dynamic team with you.

From their birth as an expansion franchise in 2002 to their current status as one of the most formidable teams in the league, we’ll cover every aspect of the Houston Texans’ history, stadium, logo and uniform design, division and conference, fan base, future prospects and social media presence.

The Houston Texans have had a rich and fascinating journey that has captivated fans across the country. With key figures such as founder Bob McNair and star players like J.J. Watt and DeShaun Watson leading the charge on and off the field, there’s no shortage of compelling stories to tell.

So sit back, relax, grab a bowl of Texan chili (or your preferred snack) and let’s dive into everything you need to know about this amazing team!

The Birth of the Houston Texans

Let’s dive into how the Texans were born and came to be.

The Houston Texans were established in 2002, following the franchise relocation of the Houston Oilers to Nashville, Tennessee. After years without a professional football team, Houston was finally granted an expansion team by the NFL. Bob McNair, a Houston businessman, became the owner of the new franchise.

In preparation for their first season in 2002, the Texans participated in an expansion draft where they selected players from other teams that were left unprotected. With this draft, they were able to acquire key players such as Tony Boselli and Gary Walker.

As for their team name origins, there are various theories but it’s said that ‘Texans’ was chosen because it represents pride in Texas heritage and culture. It also reflects strength and resilience which are qualities that both McNair and head coach Dom Capers wanted their team to embody.

Key Figures in the Franchise’s History

You’ll discover some of the most significant individuals in the team’s history as we explore Key Figures in their Franchise.

The Texans’ legendary players include Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, and J.J. Watt. These players are considered some of the best to ever play in their respective positions and have left a lasting impact on the franchise.

Andre Johnson is the all-time leading receiver for the Texans with 13,597 yards and 64 touchdowns over his career. Arian Foster rushed for over 1,000 yards in four consecutive seasons and was a key player during their playoff runs in 2011 and 2012. J.J. Watt is a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year award winner and has been one of the most dominant defensive linemen in recent history.

Notable coaches have also made an impact on Houston sports culture through their work with the Texans franchise. Gary Kubiak led the team to its first-ever playoff appearance in 2011 while Bill O’Brien helped guide them to two division titles during his tenure from 2014-2020.

These milestones were crucial moments for both fans and players alike as they cemented themselves as legitimate contenders within their division and conference. Overall, it’s clear that these key figures have played an integral role in shaping both the franchise’s success on the field as well as its impact off it within Houston sports culture.

The Texans’ Home Stadium: NRG Stadium

Get ready to experience the heart-pumping thrill of game day at NRG Stadium, where the Texans battle it out against their opponents in front of thousands of passionate fans. This state-of-the-art stadium is located in Houston, Texas and has been home to the Texans since 2002. With a seating capacity of 71,795, NRG Stadium is one of the largest stadiums in the NFL and offers a range of amenities that make game day an unforgettable experience.

One unique feature of NRG Stadium is its retractable roof, which allows for games to be played rain or shine. The stadium also boasts some impressive amenities, including over 1,500 high-definition TVs throughout the facility and free Wi-Fi for all guests. In addition to these features, NRG Stadium offers ample game day parking with over 26,000 parking spaces available on-site and nearby. Whether you’re tailgating with friends or enjoying pre-game festivities at one of the many restaurants or bars near the stadium, there’s no shortage of excitement on game day at NRG Stadium.

Stadium AmenitiesGame Day Parking
Over 1,500 high-definition TVsOver 26,000 parking spaces available on-site and nearby
Free Wi-Fi for all guestsTailgating allowed in designated areas
Wide selection of food and beverage optionsADA accessible parking spaces available
Retail shops selling official team merchandiseRV park available for overnight stays

As you can see from this table, there are plenty of amenities offered at NRG Stadium to enhance your game day experience. From delicious food options to retail shops selling official team merchandise- there’s something for everyone! And with ample parking available both on-site and nearby plus ADA accessible parking spaces for those who need them- getting to the stadium is a breeze. So come join us at NRG Stadium as we cheer on our beloved Houston Texans to victory!

The Texans’ Logo and Uniform Design

Take a look at the Texans’ logo and uniform design, it’s always exciting to see how teams represent themselves on the field.

The team’s logo has gone through an evolution since its inception in 2002, with the current version featuring a bull’s head in navy blue, battle red, and white. The color scheme reflects the state flag of Texas and represents strength, courage, and resilience.

In terms of uniform changes, there have been several tweaks over the years but the overall design has remained consistent. The team wears navy blue jerseys for home games and white jerseys for away games, with red accents throughout.

Fan reactions to these uniforms have been generally positive, with many praising their sleek and modern look.

Overall, the Texans’ logo and uniform design perfectly embody the team’s spirit and identity as a proud Texan franchise.

The Texans’ Division and Conference

The Texans’ position in their division and conference is crucial to understand their chances of making it to the playoffs and ultimately, the Super Bowl. The Houston Texans play in the AFC South division, which includes teams like the Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis Colts, and Jacksonville Jaguars. The Texans have had some success in this division over the years, winning it 4 times since they were founded in 2002. However, they also face tough competition from their divisional rivals who have also been successful in recent years.

To make it to the playoffs and beyond, the Texans need to keep improving their roster with key players on both offense and defense. Some notable players that have helped lead them to playoff appearances include quarterback Deshaun Watson, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins (now with Arizona Cardinals), defensive end J.J. Watt (now with Arizona Cardinals), and linebacker Whitney Mercilus. The team has also had some notable coaches over the years including Gary Kubiak and Bill O’Brien who led them to playoff victories. Overall, if the Texans can continue building a strong team while competing against tough divisional rivals, they may be able to add more playoff history and even reach a Super Bowl in the future.

Houston Texans136172
Tennessee Titans444470
Indianapolis Colts534480
Jacksonville Jaguars175239

Table: AFC South Division Standings as of April 2021

The Texans’ Roster: Offense

In the section ahead, we’ll take a closer look at the Texans’ offensive roster, highlighting some key players and their contributions.

The Texans’ offensive strategy revolves around their strong passing game, led by quarterback Deshaun Watson. Watson is known for his ability to extend plays with his legs and make accurate throws downfield. He’s supported by a talented group of wide receivers, including DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller V.

When it comes to offensive plays and formations, the Texans often utilize spread formations with multiple receivers on the field. This allows them to stretch defenses vertically and create mismatches in coverage. However, one weakness of this approach is that it can leave the offense vulnerable to blitzes and pressure from opposing defenses.

Overall, the Texans’ offensive strength lies in their ability to move the ball through the air. With playmakers like Hopkins and Watson leading the charge, they have the potential to put up big numbers on any given Sunday. However, they’ll need to improve their run game if they want to truly become a dominant force in the league.

The Texans’ Roster: Defense

Now that we’ve covered the Texans’ offensive roster, let’s delve into their defense. As a team, the Texans have always been known for their strong defensive strategies, and this year is no different.

Their player analysis has led them to some impressive defensive additions, including Zach Cunningham and Whitney Mercilus. The team also boasts a solid secondary with standout players like Justin Reid and Bradley Roby.

In terms of injury updates, unfortunately, the Texans have had some setbacks on the defensive end. J.J. Watt suffered a season-ending injury early in the season, leaving a big gap in their pass rush capabilities. However, they’ve managed to make up for it with strong performances from players like Jacob Martin and Brennan Scarlett.

Looking ahead, there are also exciting upcoming prospects like Ross Blacklock who could add even more depth to their already talented defense.

The Texans’ Head Coach: David Culley

You’re going to learn about the Texans’ head coach, David Culley, and get a glimpse into his leadership style and approach to coaching.

Culley is known for being a player’s coach who emphasizes building relationships with his team. He believes in creating a family-like atmosphere where players feel comfortable opening up to him both on and off the field. This has had a positive impact on the Texans’ culture, as they have been able to build strong bonds among themselves under Culley’s guidance.

Culley has over 27 years of experience in coaching at both the college and professional levels. He has worked with multiple teams throughout his career, including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, and Baltimore Ravens. His extensive background in coaching has allowed him to bring valuable knowledge and expertise to the Texans organization.

Additionally, many have been curious about Culley’s relationship with star quarterback Deshaun Watson given Watson’s recent trade demands. However, Culley has maintained that he values Watson as an integral part of the team and looks forward to working with him this upcoming season.

The Texans’ Quarterbacks Throughout the Years

Let’s take a look at some of the quarterbacks who have led the team over the years and see how they’ve contributed to the Texans’ success (or lack thereof).

First up, we have Matt Schaub, who was with the team from 2007 to 2013. Schaub had some great seasons with the Texans, leading them to two playoff appearances in 2011 and 2012. However, his performance declined in his final season with the team, which led to him being traded to Oakland. Despite this decline, Schaub remains one of the best quarterbacks in Texans history.

On the other hand, there have been some quarterback controversies that have plagued this team throughout its existence. Perhaps one of the most notorious controversies involved Brock Osweiler, who was signed by Houston in 2016 but failed to live up to expectations. He was eventually benched and replaced by Tom Savage before being traded away after just one season.

It’s clear that having a strong and consistent quarterback is crucial for a team’s success. Unfortunately for Houston fans, they’ve had their fair share of worst QBs as well as best QBs over the years.

The Texans’ Running Backs and Wide Receivers

As a fan, you’ll be thrilled to know that the Texans’ running backs and wide receivers are a force to be reckoned with, their explosive plays leaving defenses in shambles. The top running backs for the Texans include David Johnson, Duke Johnson Jr., and Buddy Howell. David Johnson was acquired in a trade from the Arizona Cardinals and is expected to have a significant impact on the Texans’ offense. He has shown his ability to both run and catch the ball out of the backfield, making him a valuable fantasy option.

The standout receivers for the Texans include Will Fuller V, Brandin Cooks, and Randall Cobb. The addition of Cooks in a trade with the Los Angeles Rams gives Deshaun Watson another reliable target downfield. These receivers have great potential for big plays and touchdowns, making them attractive options for fantasy football owners as well. Overall, the Texans’ running backs and wide receivers will play an important role in how successful their offense is this season.

The Texans’ Offensive Line

Take a look at how the Texans’ offensive line is shaping up for this season. The team has had some setbacks with offensive line injuries during training camp, but they’re working hard to overcome these challenges and build a strong unit.

Coach Bill O’Brien has emphasized the importance of versatility among his linemen. We’ve seen various player rotations in practice as they work on different combinations.

Despite the obstacles, there is reason for optimism with the offensive line draft picks made earlier this year. First-round pick Tytus Howard and second-round pick Max Scharping bring size and athleticism to the line. Both players have shown promise in their early performances. Additionally, veteran linemen like Nick Martin and Zach Fulton provide stability and experience to the group.

With solid coaching strategies in place, we believe that the Texans’ offensive line will continue to improve throughout the season.

In conclusion, while there have been some bumps in the road with injuries during training camp, we’re confident that the Texans’ offensive line will come together as a cohesive unit when it counts. The combination of young talent from recent draft picks and experienced veterans should prove to be an effective mix for protecting quarterback Deshaun Watson and opening up running lanes for our talented backs.

We’re excited to see how this group performs on game day!

The Texans’ Defensive Line and Linebackers

The Texans’ D-line and linebackers have a lot of talent, but will they be able to stop the opposing offense? The defensive line strategy has been to focus on building depth through free agency. They’ve added veteran defensive tackle Christian Covington and defensive end J.J. Watt’s younger brother, Derek Watt, to help bolster the depth chart. However, the key player is still Watt himself. He’s one of the best in the game when healthy and can wreak havoc on opposing offenses.

The linebackers also have good depth with players like Zach Cunningham and Whitney Mercilus providing quality support for star linebacker Bernardrick McKinney. McKinney has been a consistent performer for years now and will be counted on to lead this unit once again.

Overall, the Texans’ defense ranked 26th in total defense last season which is why they made some moves in free agency to improve their rankings this year. With an improved D-line strategy and solid linebacker depth, it remains to be seen whether these changes will have a positive impact on their overall defensive rankings this season.

The Texans’ Secondary: Cornerbacks and Safeties

You’re probably wondering how the Texans’ cornerbacks and safeties stack up against the rest of the league, so let’s take a closer look.

The cornerback performance has been inconsistent at best, with Bradley Roby leading the group in interceptions and passes defended. However, he has also missed time due to injuries which have left the secondary vulnerable.

Lonnie Johnson Jr. has shown flashes of potential but needs to improve his consistency and technique. Rookie John Reid could potentially make an impact if given more playing time.

When it comes to safety depth chart, Justin Reid leads the pack as one of the most talented players on defense for the Texans. He is excellent in coverage and can make plays both near and far from the line of scrimmage.

Eric Murray provides solid depth behind him with Tashaun Gipson no longer on the team. Defensive schemes have played a big role in how effective these players are on game day, and it remains to be seen what new defensive coordinator Lovie Smith will bring to the table.

Injury concerns have plagued this unit in recent years, so staying healthy will be crucial for their success moving forward.

The Texans’ Special Teams: Kicker and Punter

With an inconsistent cornerback performance and injury concerns in recent years, the Texans’ success on special teams depends on the reliability of their kicker and punter. Thankfully, both have consistently delivered for the team.

Kicker Ka’imi Fairbairn has been one of the most reliable kickers in the league, with a career field goal percentage of 86.2%, including a perfect 100% from inside 20 yards. His longest field goal was a clutch 54-yarder against the Buffalo Bills in overtime during the 2019 playoffs.

Meanwhile, punter Bryan Anger has provided solid performances as well. In his first season with Houston last year, he averaged 46.4 yards per punt with a net average of 41.0 yards per punt. His ability to pin opponents deep in their own territory has been crucial for special teams strategy and impact on overall team success.

With these two key players performing at such high levels, it’s no wonder why the Texans’ special teams unit is one of their strongest assets heading into this season.

Overall, it’s clear that good kicker performance and punter statistics are essential for any team looking to find success on special teams. The Texans seem to understand this fact very well and have invested wisely in their kicking game over recent years, which should continue to pay dividends going forward into this upcoming season and beyond!

The Texans’ Record and Achievements

Now that we’ve covered the Texans’ special teams, let’s take a look at their overall record and achievements.

As die-hard Texans fans, we know that this team has had some notable moments throughout their history. They made their first playoff appearance in 2011 behind the leadership of quarterback Matt Schaub and defensive end J.J. Watt. The team went on to win two AFC South division titles in 2011 and 2012.

In terms of franchise leaders, Andre Johnson tops the list for most career receiving yards (13,597) and receptions (1,012). On defense, J.J. Watt holds several records including most sacks in a season (20.5) and most career forced fumbles (25).

While the Texans have yet to make it to a Super Bowl, they continue to strive towards improving their current standing in the league with each passing game. We can’t wait to see what this team will achieve next!

Memorable Moments in Texans’ History

From J.J. Watt’s unforgettable pick-six against the Bengals to Deshaun Watson’s game-winning touchdown pass against the Raiders, the Texans have had countless memorable moments in their history. These moments showcase the team’s top players and how they rise to the occasion during game-winning moments.

One of the most controversial yet memorable moments in Texans’ history was when quarterback Matt Schaub threw a pick-six interception in three consecutive games during the 2013 season. Fans were outraged and started burning his jersey, but Schaub remained resilient and bounced back with a solid performance later that season. This moment showed how passionate fans can be about their team and how important it is for players to have mental toughness.

Another memorable moment was when J.J. Watt caught a touchdown pass as a tight end in a game against the Titans in 2014. The crowd went wild as they saw one of their favorite defensive players make an impact on offense. Moments like these remind us why we love football and why we’re proud to be Houston Texans fans.

The Texans’ Rivalries

Get ready to relive some of the most intense and heated matchups in recent NFL history as we dive into the Texans’ biggest rivalries.

The Texans have a few key matchups that always seem to bring out the best in their opponents, making for some incredibly memorable moments on the field.

First up, we have the rivalry with the Indianapolis Colts. This is a classic AFC South matchup that always has fans on edge. The intensity between these two teams has only grown over the years, especially since both teams have had success in recent seasons.

From Andrew Luck’s incredible comeback win against Houston in 2018 to J.J Watt’s pick-six off of Matt Hasselbeck in 2015, this rivalry has provided plenty of heart-stopping moments for fans to enjoy. And with both teams looking strong going into next season, it’s clear that this rivalry will continue to be one to watch.

Moving on, we can’t forget about the Texans’ rivalry with their divisional foe, the Tennessee Titans. These two teams first faced off back in 2002 and have been battling it out ever since.

Perhaps one of the most intense moments came during a game in 2019 when Jurrell Casey body-slammed Deshaun Watson onto his back for a sack and then stood over him tauntingly. The fan reactions were swift and passionate, with many calling for Casey to be ejected from the game (he wasn’t). Despite this incident, however, these two teams still managed to put on an exciting show for fans that day and will no doubt continue to do so in future matchups.

The Texans’ Game-Day Experience

You’re in for a wild ride as you immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere of game day and experience firsthand the electric energy that surges through every fan’s veins. The Texans’ game-day experience is like no other – it’s an all-encompassing celebration of football, camaraderie, and Houston pride. From tailgating to post-game festivities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

One thing fans can’t get enough of is the food options available at NRG Stadium. Whether you’re craving classic stadium fare like hot dogs and nachos or something more unique like brisket tacos or loaded mac and cheese, there are plenty of concession stands throughout the stadium offering a wide variety of options. Fan activities are also abundant on game day – from face painting and photo booths to interactive games and giveaways, there’s always something happening to keep fans entertained before kickoff. Be sure to plan your parking logistics ahead of time as well, as finding a spot can be challenging on busy game days. And don’t forget to grab some merchandise to show off your Texans pride – there are numerous locations throughout the stadium where fans can purchase hats, jerseys, t-shirts, and more!

How to Get Tickets to Texans’ Games

Now that we’ve talked about the Texans’ game-day experience, let’s dive into how you can get your hands on tickets to see them play live. As passionate fans ourselves, we know how important it is to secure a spot at NRG Stadium and cheer on our team in person.

Ticket pricing for Texans games varies depending on several factors such as opponent, day of the week, and seat location. However, there are plenty of purchasing options available to fit any budget or preference. You can buy tickets directly from the team’s website or through third-party vendors like StubHub and Ticketmaster. It’s always best to check multiple sources for availability and compare prices before making a decision.

Additionally, make sure to familiarize yourself with the team’s game day policies such as bag restrictions and tailgating rules to ensure a smooth experience once you arrive at the stadium.

From pre-game festivities outside of NRG Stadium to in-game fan experiences like the Bull Pen section, attending a Houston Texans game is an unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss!

The Texans’ Tailgating Traditions

Don’t miss out on the Texans’ epic tailgating traditions, filled with delicious food, lively music, and passionate fans.

When it comes to tailgating recipes, Texans fans don’t mess around. From mouth-watering brisket to savory queso dip, there is no shortage of delicious options to choose from. And let’s not forget about the drinks – ice-cold beer and refreshing cocktails are a must-have for any Texans tailgate party.

But it’s not just about the food and drinks – it’s also important to have the right tailgating equipment and games. Texans fans bring their A-game when it comes to setting up their tailgate area, complete with grills, tables, chairs, and even TVs.

And while you’re waiting for kickoff, why not play a game of cornhole or toss around a football? Just remember to follow proper tailgating etiquette by cleaning up after yourself and being respectful of others’ space.

Being part of the Texans’ tailgating community is truly an unforgettable experience that every fan should be a part of at least once in their lifetime.

The Texans’ Community Outreach and Charitable Efforts

Get ready to learn about the Texans’ involvement in their community and the amazing impact of their charitable efforts. The Houston Texans aren’t just known for their on-field performance, but also for their commitment to giving back to the city they call home.

They offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for fans and players alike, including events like the Texans Care Volunteer Day and the annual Taste of the Texans fundraiser. The Texans have made a significant impact on Houston through their charitable partnerships with organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston, Special Olympics Texas, and The Methodist Hospital System.

In addition to financial donations, players also take an active role in volunteering at community events throughout the year. From visiting children’s hospitals to participating in local charity walks, it’s clear that giving back is a top priority for this team. The Texans truly embody what it means to be a part of a community and have set an example for other professional sports teams across the country.

The Texans’ Fan Base: The Bull Pen

As die-hard fans of the Houston Texans, we know that the Bull Pen is a crucial part of the team’s game day atmosphere. Established in 2002, this group of passionate and dedicated fans has become synonymous with Texans football.

The Bull Pen boasts a rich history and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. From their signature ‘Bulls on Parade’ chant to their elaborate costumes and tailgate parties, the Bull Pen brings an energy and enthusiasm to NRG Stadium unlike any other fan group.

But it’s not just about having fun; the Bull Pen also plays an important role in engaging with other fans and creating a sense of community within the Texan’s fan base. They frequently organize events such as charity drives and watch parties to bring people together outside of game days.

And their impact on the game day atmosphere cannot be overstated – when they get fired up, it’s impossible not to feel energized and excited too! Whether you’re a die-hard member or simply someone who appreciates their passion for Texans football, there’s no denying that the Bull Pen is an integral part of what makes being a Houston Texans fan so special.

Some famous members have emerged from this group over time including Grego (who coined “Bulls on Parade”), Rick Hodge (known for leading cheers), Super Fan Stan (always seen wearing his full bull costume), Josh Reese (known for catching touchdown balls), amongst others that have made significant contributions towards creating an electric atmosphere at NRG Stadium during home games.

Their dedication has created lasting memories for players and fans alike, making them one of the most respected groups in all sports fandoms nationwide. It’s safe to say that without them, Texans’ games wouldn’t be nearly as exciting or entertaining as they are today!

The Future of the Houston Texans

You might be wondering what lies ahead for the Houston Texans in the coming years, especially after a tumultuous 2020 season and a number of changes within the organization.

The future of the Houston Texans looks promising, with several possible trades, draft picks, and free agency signings on the horizon. However, one key factor that will determine their success is whether or not they make effective coaching changes.

Firstly, there are rumors that Deshaun Watson may be traded to another team. If this happens, it could bring in additional draft picks and players that could help strengthen the team’s roster.

Additionally, there are several high-profile free agents who could potentially sign with the Texans and boost their chances of success next season.

Finally, if they make strategic coaching changes that address some of their weaknesses from last year (such as improving their defense), then they have a good chance of making significant strides in the upcoming season.

The Texans’ Social Media Presence

Take a look at the Texans’ social media accounts – they’ve got over 2 million followers across all platforms, highlighting their strong online presence and ability to connect with fans.

The team’s social media strategy centers around engaging with its audience through creative content creation, influencer partnerships, and other engagement tactics.

One aspect that sets the Texans’ social media apart is their use of player-generated content. The team leverages their players’ personalities and passions to create unique and engaging content for their fans.

From behind-the-scenes footage to exclusive interviews, the Texans create content that resonates deeply with their audience. They’ve also formed partnerships with local influencers in Houston who share their love of football and help amplify messages on social media.

Through these tactics, the Texans have fostered a community-driven approach to social media that resonates deeply with their audience.

Resources for Keeping Up with the Texans

Stay up-to-date on all things Texans with these helpful resources! As a die-hard fan of the Houston Texans, I know how important it is to stay connected with the team and keep track of their progress throughout the season. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available for fans who want to stay in the loop.

One great option is to join one of the many Texans’ fan clubs that exist both locally and online. These groups provide opportunities for fans to connect, share experiences, and discuss all things related to their favorite team. Another option is to tune into Houston sports media outlets like SportsRadio 610 or KHOU Sports for up-to-the-minute news and analysis on everything happening with the Texans. Of course, you can always check out the Texans’ official website or follow their social media accounts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for insider access and behind-the-scenes looks at what’s going on within the organization. With so many resources available, staying informed about your beloved Texans has never been easier!

ResourceDescriptionEmotional Response
Fan ClubsJoining a community of fellow die-hard fans can give you a sense of belonging and camaraderieExcitement
Houston Sports MediaHearing experts analyze your team’s performance can be exhilarating or frustrating depending on resultsAnticipation
Official WebsiteAccessing exclusive photos/videos of players can make you feel closer to your favorite athletesAdmiration
Social Media AccountsSeeing your team’s posts generate buzz among other fans boosts moralePride
Winning a championshipFilling you with an immense sense of joy and satisfaction, knowing that your team came out on topTriumph


And that, my fellow Texans fans, that’s the complete guide to our beloved team.

From its humble beginnings to its current status as a perennial playoff contender, the Houston Texans have captured the hearts of millions and inspired us with their grit and determination.

As we stand together in the Bull Pen, cheering on our boys in battle, we can’t help but feel a sense of pride and belonging.

The Texans are more than just a football team; they’re a symbol of hope and resilience for our great city.

So let’s continue to support them through thick and thin, always standing by their side like true Texans do.

And who knows? Maybe one day we’ll see them hoisting that Lombardi Trophy high above their heads, cementing their place in NFL history forever.

Go Texans!

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